Fixed Annuities, Myths and Reality

Fixed and fixed-indexed annuities do not always get the credit they deserve. As baby boomers come to realize the importance of safety, liquidity, and the ability to avoid the high cost of mutual funds and variable annuities, fixed and fixed-indexed annuities will continue to grow in popularity. Since fixed annuities and fixed- indexed annuities have become increasingly popular, they have also come under attack, as sellers of market sensitive investment vehicles are losing customers. Those who attempt to discredit fixed and fixed-indexed annuities often have genuinely not done their homework, or they simply lack the financial perspective of seniors and other moderate investors and savers, and write one sided articles that are full of inaccuracies.

In an effort to separate the fact from the fiction, American Annuity Advocates will provide you with objective third party information, plus some of our own thoughts or rebuttals to this "misinformation or untruths" in the market place. Please take the time to read about misinformation in the market place, and you will come away with a balanced perspective on your retirement savings and investment options.

The National Association for Fixed annuities provides accurate information to dispel misinformation in the market place.

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