How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Improve Your Retirement

The U.S. Government has made many un-kept promises in regards Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. In order for the government to deliver on these promises, they must raise taxes. Some have even suggested that tax rates be as much as doubled just to keep our country financially sound. I can help you get to the 0% tax bracket which will eliminate tax rate risks, and I am ready to start now. For additional information or to set up a meeting, please call me on my cell phone at (850) 445-5621, or email me at

NAIFA ClientCastģ

Please put the following 6 items in order of importance and return to me.(1 being the most important)

  • Protecting my assets from losses
  • Growing my assets
  • Generating more income
  • Leaving money children/heirs
  • Replacing my pension income for my spouse if I pass away first
  • Protecting my assets from probate at death

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